Eigsti Track and Field Complex

Location: Far east side of GC Athletic Complex at the southern end of 12th Street
Built: 2000
Capacity: 500 in bleachers along finish line and near throwing pits
Dimensions: 400 meter track
Hosted: 2004, 2008, and 2010 Mid-Central College Conference Championships

Built in 2000, the 400-meter track is one of the best surfaces in Northern Indiana. The facility hosts the annual Goshen Invitational and has served host to the Mid-Central Conference Championships in 2004 and 2008.

The Eigsti Track and Field Complex has ample room for field events to run simultaneously with track events. The high jump and pole vault pits are located inside the south end of the track, while the long and triple jump pits are just outside the same side of the track.

Outside the fenced-in portion of the facility lies the throwing areas. Over four acres of room houses two cages (discuss and hammer throw), a shot put pit, and a javelin run.

Frech Press Box Facility

Location: West side of track at the finish line
Built: 2008

The newest addition to the Eigsti Track and Field Complex, the Frech Press Box Facility was dedicated at the 2008 Goshen Invitational.

Donated by Ancon Construction, the facility was named after Ancon founder Andrew W. Frech. For Ancon, it was the latest in a series of projects focused on giving back to the community. 

In addition to the much-needed press box functions, the facility acts as a storage unit for large field event supplies, a gathering area for coaches, registration for student-athletes, and implement measuring location for event days.