GoLeafs Live Alternate

All soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball home games are streamed live, beginning approximately 10 minutes before kickoff, first serve, tip-off, and/or first pitch. Many games are streamed at goleafs.net/live. This is the backup stream for simultaneous or nearly-simultaneous games.

Events scheduled on this channel:
Wednesday, Oct. 11 - 7:50 p.m. - women's volleyball vs. Huntington
Visit GoLeafs.net/live for other games.

Audio commentary for many Maple Leaf games, both home and away, is provided by 91.1 The Globe, Goshen College's award-winning student radio station. For home games where it is available, this commentary also appears on the video stream above.

Please note that audio commentary is not available for some home games due to other programming commitments on The Globe.

The Globe has been named Best College Station in the Nation by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System twice and Radio School of the Year by the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters four times. To listen to 91.1 the Globe at any time, including during athletic events, click "play" below.

Use the window below to find live stats of all home soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball games. Many games from around the NAIA, including some GC road contests, will also appear in the same window. Click the (((W))) button next to a game to see its stats.