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Leafs Profiled By Hastings College Media
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Features - Mon, Mar. 14, 2016

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — For a Maple Leaf basketball team that was 3-27 in each of Stephanie Miller's first two seasons, the goal of an NAIA Division II Women's Basketball National Championship appearance was barely on the radar. With Goshen headed to nationals this season, Tyler Schuster of Hastings College Media profiled the Maple Leafs. GC thanks Schuster and Hastings for granting permission to reproduce the article here.

Started from the bottom, now they're here
By Tyler Schuster/Hastings College Media

In February of 2013, Stephanie Miller and her Goshen College Maple Leafs Women's Basketball team had just lost a road game to Huntington University (Ind.) — their 14th loss in a 15-game stretch. The game was a near foregone conclusion from the beginning and culminated in an 84-47 blowout loss.

Miller remembers that game painstakingly well.

"We fell apart at the end and there was all kinds of drama and blame flying around, player to player, coach to coach," Miller said. "I went in my office and remember shutting the door and thinking, 'man, this had been such a project and this isn't going anywhere.'"

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