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FEATURE: Tavo Parral Shows Hard Work Pays Off
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Features - Tue, Feb. 12, 2013

NOTE: Tavo Parral and his senior teammates will be recognized tonight when they play against Huntington University in the final home game of their careers.  Parral has put up career numbers as a senior, hitting 42 3-pointers and averaging more than nine points a game.  He is ranked #24 in the country with a .438 3-point field goal percentage.

By: Lexi Kantz

Senior basketball player Tavo Parral has seen some positive changes this year on and off the court. As a fourth-year member of the Maple Leaf basketball program, Parral has also seen his share of ups and downs.

Through all of it, his hard work ethic has gotten him where he is today. Parral has come up from being on the junior varsity his first two seasons to a part-time role off the bench as a junior, to this year being one of the best sixth men in the Crossroads League. This year in addition to having a vital role on the court, Parral has served as a team captain alongside fellow classmate Kyle Davis.

Parral says that the biggest change this season has been "getting a chance to play because in other years it was harder to see the floor. Most guys never get the chance so I'm very lucky that it opened up for me."

Being from San Antonio, Parral has had to face a lot of his struggles alone while distanced from his family. He said that social media and phone calls have helped to keep him and his family connected through his years here at Goshen. He has also created strong bonds with a few of his teammates and that too has helped him to face the day-to-day struggles that come along with being so many miles from home.

In addition to being a member of the Maple Leaf Basketball program, Parral has joined the Center for Intercultural and International Education on Goshen College's campus. This program helps to encourage education for Latino students both in the area as well as at the national level. Parral's involvement with the program  has ranged from community engagement and volunteering, as well as attending on campus events and meetings.

"I have really enjoyed watching Tavo develop," said Head Men's Basketball Coach Gary Chupp, "both as a professional going into education, and as a basketball player in our program. He epitomizes what it means to be a student-athlete, showing tremendous leadership skills on campus and within our basketball program."

Parral, an Education Major at Goshen College, has helped teach in the community as well as volunteer time tutoring youth in the city of Goshen. His love for children has driven him to begin tutoring youth in schools as well as coaching elementary students in basketball. Parral enjoys playing as well as coaching the sport he loves.

As for after graduation plans, Parral sees himself heading back home to his family to begin his teaching career. He looks forward to starting his life as a teacher as well as being with his family again. He may decide to move somewhere else later, but for now home is where he feels he is most needed.