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FEATURE: Communicating The Pitch On And Off The Field
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Features - Tue, Dec. 11, 2012

By: Lexi Kantz
Sports Information Intern

The daily grind of a typical college student has long been defined by block classes and long nights in the computer lab. Two Goshen College seniors dare to stretch that, though. Kelsey Morris (Mooresville, Ind.) and Benjamin Kelly (Omaha, Nebr.) have found a way to pull themselves in multiple directions, taking advantage of all the Communication Department has available.

The duo has walked alongside each other over the past three-plus years at GC and now they move into their fourth and final year. Both started their broadcasting careers working on packages and anchoring for The Correspondent (The Core) as well as radio shifts at 91.1 FM The Globe.

Soon enough they worked their way up with Morris becoming the assistant director of The Correspondent and having a morning show on The Globe called the Breakfast Blend, while Kelly anchored and produced both the Sports Releaf and Sports Corner at The Core in addition to covering play-by-play of sporting events at The Globe. This year Morris has taken up the job as Station Manager for The Globe along with her Breakfast Blend morning show.

It has been The Globe and their passion for sports that have proven to bring the two even closer together. Not only are Morris and Kelly both Broadcasting Majors and a part of the same extracurricular, but they have also both been key players on the softball and baseball fields at Goshen College. As if they weren't already enough alike, they happen to both patrol the same position as catchers for their Maple Leaf teams.

"Well as a catcher I am the ‘coach on the field.' I would have to say getting involved with any sport helps you learn to communicate with others," says Morris of her experience on the field and how it has helped her in other aspects of life as well.

The two agree that the communication and leadership roles they have played on the field have helped them to take initiative as broadcasters.  While The Globe and Correspondent have proven to have helped them reach their potential, this is only the beginning for these two ambitious youngsters.

Both Kelly and Morris have received numerous awards for all that they are involved with on campus. Each has contributed to The Correspondent's award of "Best TV School in the State" twice in their career here at Goshen. Last year The Globe was named "Best College Station in the Nation" as well as "Radio School of the Year" with the help of Morris and Kelly.

Morris has received awards at the national level from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) for Best Station Promotional Event on a promotion for Goshen First Friday's as well as the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), receiving first for On Air Personality. At the state level Morris has received an award from the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) again for first place in the Radio Air Personality category as well as being nominated for six other awards throughout the years.

"The awards are something to put on a resume to impress future employers and give us a little bit more credibility. We enter a number of different contests each year," says Kelly of the opportunities these broadcasting competitions can make.  

Kelly has also been successful, receiving a number of national as well as state-wide awards. He twice (2011 and 2012) was recognized by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems with the Best Sports Talk Show in the country, was a finalist in sports feature and radio play-by-play categories, and was honored with the Best Sports Update by College Broadcaster, Inc.  At the state level, he has earned nods for Best Sports Cast, Best Television Anchor, and was the winner of the Spectrum Award for Best Mini-Documentary (Leaf Legends).

While they have both been successful at GC, it has not always been easy to balance their future career passions with school and sports. Kelly and Morris have proved that time management is key with being in a college sport as well as other extracurricular activities.

"From the start of college I have been involved with so many things that I never really had a break. I just put together a schedule every semester and I know what days I need to do specific homework and plan around my shift at the station, practice and games. The hardest thing is when I'm really into a project for the radio station or my news package at The Core and I have to stop to go to practice. It's hard to pick back up and have the same mindset," says Morris of how she accommodates her ‘double life'.

Kelly sees practice as a time to get away from his hectic life of radio and really enjoy his love of baseball. He recognizes his leadership on the baseball team as a catcher and takes that to the radio too.

 "I want to talk for a living and therefore that is transposed to being a vocal leader behind the plate," Kelly says.

As Benjamin Kelly and Kelsey Morris come closer to the end of their college careers here at Goshen College and move on from it they begin to plan their futures. Morris has decided that she will go with radio over television in the hopes of becoming a radio personality for either a country or classic rock station. As for Kelly, he recently went to Nashville for the Major League Baseball winter meetings exploring his two loves, baseball and radio. He hopes to find a job in radio where he could be around sports, specifically baseball, and continue the play-by-play sports analysis that he has become so passionate about.

The duo has helped the Communication Department to some of its most prestigious awards and will continue to improve it this year with their leadership roles. As they finish up and begin to look past GC the possibilities are endless as they "pitch" themselves out into the world.