2014-15 Media Schedule for Upcoming Events
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DayTimeSport Opponent
217:00PMVolleyball @ Mount Vernon Nazarene UniversityLive Video
227:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Bethel CollegeLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats
227:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Bethel CollegeLive Stats
248:00PMVolleyball @ Cornerstone UniversityLive VideoLive Stats
 Cornerstone/Aquinas Tournament (10/24-25)
251:00PMVolleyball @ Lawrence Technological UniversityLive Stats
 Cornerstone/Aquinas Tournament (10/24-25)
257:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Huntington UniversityLive VideoLive AudioLive Stats
296:00PMVolleyball vs. University of Saint FrancisLive VideoLive Audio
298:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Indiana University NorthwestLive Stats
307:00PMVolleyball vs. Taylor UniversityLive VideoLive Audio
 Faculty Night
318:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Brescia UniversityLive Stats
 Maple City Hoopfest (Bethel vs. UNOH at 6:00)
13:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Northwestern OhioLive Stats
 Maple City Hoopfest (Bethel vs. Brescia at 1:00)
57:00PMVolleyball @ Grace CollegeLive Video
83:00PMVolleyball vs. Indiana University-South BendLive VideoLive Audio
117:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Indiana University-South BendLive Stats
117:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Marygrove CollegeLive Stats
148:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Calumet College of St. JosephLive Stats
 Maple Leaf Classic (USF vs. Trinity International at 6:00)
151:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Trinity International UniversityLive Stats
 Maple Leaf Classic (USF vs. Calumet at 3:00)
257:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Spring Arbor UniversityLive Stats
27:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Bethel CollegeLive Stats
187:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Indiana University-South BendLive Stats
197:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Cincinnati-ClermontLive Stats
33:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Saint FrancisLive Stats
77:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Marian UniversityLive Stats
103:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Huntington UniversityLive Stats
147:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene UniversityLive Stats
173:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Taylor UniversityLive Stats
217:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Indiana Wesleyan UniversityLive Stats
243:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Spring Arbor UniversityLive Stats
287:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bethel CollegeLive Stats
311:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Grace CollegeLive Stats
313:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Grace CollegeLive Stats
37:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Marian UniversityLive Stats
71:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Huntington UniversityLive Stats
107:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene UniversityLive Stats
141:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Taylor UniversityLive Stats
177:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Indiana Wesleyan UniversityLive Stats
211:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Saint FrancisLive Stats