Champions of Character

Maple Leafs Athletic Club Champions of Character Awards

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2017 Recipients: Stan King ('61) and Justine Clemmer Pletcher ('72)
2016 Recipients: James Gingerich ('66) and Aletha Stahl ('89)
2015 Recipients: Ken Pletcher ('70) and Alice Gunden Bender ('80)
2014 Recipients: Ken Edwards ('81) and Mandy Yoder ('99)
2013 Recipients: Fred Litwiller ('62) and Lynda Hollinger-Janzen ('78)
2012 Recipients: Keith Springer ('69) and Sue Roth ('66)
2011 Recipients: Marty Gaff ('71) and Mary Sutter ('80)
2010 Recipients: Dan Bodiker ('64) and BJ Leichty ('75)
2009 Recipients: Lynn Williams ('60) and Marty Kelley ('71)
2008 Recipients: John Ingold ('59) and Trinda Bishop ('69)
2007 Recipients: Henry Zehr ('78) and Sue Conrad ('92)
2006 Recipients: Don Jantzi ('72) and Sally Hunsberger ('86)

In order to recognize and honor those individuals who have gone on to exemplify and demonstrate the core values of Goshen College, the NAIA and the Mennonite Church, the Maple Leafs Athletic Club established the Champions of Character Awards in 2006.

Each year one woman receives the Dr. Ruth Gunden Award and one man receives the Dr. Roman Gingerich Award.

The Maple Leafs Athletic Club Board requests nominations for this year's honorees. Anyone may submit a nomination for either award. In order to be eligible for the award, the nominee must be a former Goshen College student-athlete, manager or trainer. It must have been five years since the completion of their athletic eligibility.

The Champion of Character Core Values:

Respect:    Respect is treating yourself and others according to the highest standards of conduct. It implies civilized and gracious behavior to everyone.

Responsibility:    Responsibility is being accountable for your actions. This includes making decisions in the areas    of Role-modeling, self-control, respect and personal conduct.

Integrity:    Honesty is telling the truth by conforming words to our reality, integrity is keeping commitments of conforming reality to our words. Integrity means developing an integrated character that includes,
but goes beyond honesty. It also implies not lying, cheating or stealing.

Sportsmanship:    Sportsmanship is a matter of being good (character) and doing right (actions) in sports. Sportsmanship, in essence, is the conduct of educational sports according to the highest standards. Sportsmanship is also called fair play and refers to high standards of justice in the sports setting. Fairness and equity is expected in all contests and relationships. Sportsmanship means conducting athletics, while adhering to the highest principles of respect or civility, responsibility, integrity and justice/fair play.

Servant Leadership:    Servant Leadership is putting others first, as we take responsibility for personal and group roles. Leadership implies managing yourself well, becoming a good follower as well as inspiring others to follow you. There is a primary purpose of serving others while striving to become a personal leader. Role modeling is an essential tool to the servant leader who provides a critical service to society with the great gift of a good example.

Goshen College Core Values: Christ-Centered, Passionate Learning, Global Citizenship, Compassionate Peacemaking, and Servant Leadership.