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2016-17 Awards

Female Athlete of the Year: Sophia Sears (women's basketball)

Other Nominees:
Alexis Carpenter (softball)
Chelsea Foster (cross country/track and field)
Ginyce Haywood (soccer)

Male Athlete of the Year: Ryan Smith (cross country/track and field)

Other Nominees:
Johan Escalante (soccer)
Xavier Newson (basketball)
Clinton Stroble II (baseball)

Crowe Horwath Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Kate Crawford (soccer)

Other Nominees:
Megan Graves (cross country/track and field)
Sophia Sears (basketball)
Jill Steinmetz (cross country/track and field)
Christy Swartzendruber (volleyball)

Crowe Horwath Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Brenner Burkholder (cross country)

Other Nominees:
Isaiah Friesen (cross country/track and field)
Christian Grider (basketball)
Michael Walker (baseball)
Aritha Weerasinghe (tennis)

#OneLeaf Leadership Award

Spencer Aeschliman (men's soccer)
Carter Boos (men's basketball)
Calla Bartlett (women's basketball)
Lena Charles (women's track and field)
Isaiah Friesen (men's cross country)
Joelle Friesen (women's tennis)
Luke Graber (men's track and field)
Kayla Gray (women's cross country)
Lexa Magnuson (women's volleyball)
Jacob Roth (men's tennis)
Krista Sutliff (softball)
Janeth Vela (women's soccer)
Michael Walker (baseball)

Coach of the Year: Alex Childers (baseball)

NAIA All-Americans (3)

Sophia Sears (women's basketball, honorable mention)
Ryan Smith (men's cross country)
Ryan Smith (men's indoor track and field - 5,000)

NAIA National Qualifiers (16)

Sawyer Biddle (men's indoor track and field - 3,000 race walk)
Sawyer Biddle (men's outdoor track and field - 5,000 race walk)
Steven Cranston (men's cross country)
Steven Cranston (men's indoor track and field - 4x800 relay)
Siana Emery (women's indoor track and field - 3,000 race walk)
Siana Emery (women's outdoor track and field - 5,000 race walk)
Isaiah Friesen (men's outdoor track and field - marathon)
Luke Graber (men's indoor track and field - 4x800 relay)
Abe Medellin (men's indoor track and field - 4x800 relay)
Darius Rawlins (men's indoor track and field - 4x800 relay)
Ryan Smith (men's cross country)
Ryan Smith (men's indoor track and field - 3,000)
Ryan Smith (men's indoor track and field - 5,000)
Ryan Smith (men's outdoor track and field - 5,000)
Ryan Smith (men's outdoor track and field - 10,000)
Ryan Smith (men's outdoor track and field - marathon)

All-Crossroads League (20)

First Team
Steven Cranston (men's cross country)
Tevin Gilkes (men's soccer)
Lindon McDonald (men's track and field - high jump)
Ryan Smith (men's cross country - individual conference champion)
Ryan Smith (men's track and field - 5,000, 10,000)
Clinton Stroble II (baseball)
Aritha Weerasinghe (men's tennis)
Eric Zuercher (men's tennis)
Second Team
Johan Escalante (men's soccer)
Kylie Giger (women's volleyball)
Sophia Sears (women's basketball)
Christy Swartzendruber (women's volleyball)
Third Team
Lynnia Noel (women's basketball)
Honorable Mention
Alexis Carpenter (softball)
Preston Carr (baseball)
Lena Charles (women's soccer)
Lexa Magnuson (women's volleyball)
Xavier Newson (men's basketball)
Ally Roehr (women's volleyball)
Michael Walker (baseball)

Other Conference Awards
Quinlan Armstrong (baseball - gold glove)
Blake Collins (baseball - gold glove)
Darienne Maust (women's volleyball - all-freshman team)
Brad Stoltzfus (baseball - gold glove)

Conference Player of the Week (12)
Ginyce Haywood (women's soccer - offensive, Sept. 26)
Ryan Smith (men's cross country, Oct. 3)
Ryan Smith (men's cross country, Oct. 24)
Johan Escalante (men's soccer - defensive, Oct. 24)
Ryan Smith (men's cross country, Nov. 7)
Conner Funkhouser (men's basketball, Dec. 5)
Kevin Phillips (men's basketball, Dec. 26)
Vincent Caschera (baseball - offensive, March 6)
Jenna Thompson (softball - offensive, March 6)
Clinton Stroble II (baseball - offensive, March 20)
Caitlin Hughey (women's track, May 1)
Preston Carr (baseball - offensive, May 15)

NAIA Scholar-Athlete (44)

Men's Cross Country (3)
Brenner Burkholder (Topeka, Kan.)
Isaiah Friesen (Filley, Neb.)
Luke Kaufman (Goshen, Ind.)
Women's Cross Country (1)
Jill Steinmetz (Bluffton, Ohio)
Men's Soccer (6)
David Bontrager (Archbold, Ohio)
Gabriel Eisenbeis (Freeman, S.D.)
Kevin Florentin-Sprung (Asuncion, Paraguay)
Mark Kreider (North Newton, Kan.)
Philip Longenecker (Grayslake, Ill.)
Andrew Snyder (Goshen, Ind.)
Women's Soccer (14)
Megan Baumgartner (Hesston, Kan.)
Madeline Birky (Goshen, Ind.)
Lena Charles (Plainfield, Ind.)
Kate Crawford (Sagamore Hills, Ohio)
Dusti Diener (Harrisonville, Mo.)
Melanie Drinkwater (West Sayville, N.Y.)
Courtney Featherstone (Byron, Mich.)
Karina Flores (Goshen, Ind.)
Rachel Short-Miller (Bellingham, Wash.)
Natalie Thorne (Goshen, Ind.)
Courtney Wengerd (Goshen, Ind.)
Ardys Woodward (Newton, Kan.)
Molly Zook (Chippewa Falls, Ohio)
Volleyball (1)
Danielle Plank (LaPorte, Ind.)
Men's Basketball (1)
Christian Grider (Indian Lake, Ohio)
Women's Basketball (4)
Calla Bartlett (Byron, Mich.)
Hanna Hochstetler (Goshen, Ind.)
Sophia Sears (Paoli, Ind.)
Natalie Thorne (Goshen, Ind.)
Men's Tennis (2)
Eric Cender (Valparaiso, Ind.)
Aritha Weerasinghe (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
Women's Tennis (1)
Joelle Friesen (Normal, Ill.)
Men's Track and Field (4)
Sawyer Biddle (White Heath, Ill.)
Isaiah Friesen (Filley, Neb.)
Luke Kaufman (Goshen, Ind.)
Women's Track and Field (4)
Calla Bartlett (Byron, Mich.)
Lena Charles (Plainfield, Ind.)
Melanie Drinkwater (West Sayville, N.Y.)
Jill Steinmetz (Bluffton, Ohio)
Baseball (3)
Blake Collins (Ludington, Mich.)
Travis Grimm (Muskegon, Mich.)
Michael Walker (Archbold, Ohio)
Softball (1)
Brooke Maes (Goshen, Ind.)

NAIA Scholar Teams 

To be announced in mid-July

Springer Design Maple Leaf Athlete of the Week

Aug. 22 – Lexa Magnuson (women's volleyball)
Aug. 29 – Asia Green (women's soccer)
Sept. 5 – Johan Escalante (men's soccer)
Sept. 12 – Nate Nussbaum (men's soccer)
Sept. 19 – Ryan Smith (men's cross country)
Sept. 26 – Ginyce Haywood (women's soccer)
Oct. 3 – TJ White (men's soccer)
Oct. 10 – Chelsea Foster (women's cross country)
Oct. 17 – Kylie Giger (women's volleyball)
Oct. 24 – Ryan Smith (men's cross country)
Oct. 31 – Hallie Vanitvelt (women's volleyball)
Nov. 7 – Ryan Smith and Steven Cranston (men's cross country)
Nov. 14 – Xavier Newson (men's basketball)
Nov. 21 – Ryan Smith (men's cross country)
Nov. 28 – Kevin Phillips (men's basketball)
Dec. 5 – Sophia Sears (women's basketball)
Dec. 16 – Devin Heath-Granger (men's basketball)
Dec. 24 – Lynnia Noel (women's basketball)
Jan. 2 – Conner Funkhouser (men's basketball)
Jan. 9 – Lynnia Noel (women's basketball)
Jan. 16 – Sydney Stein (women's basketball)
Jan. 23 – Lindon McDonald (men's track and field)
Jan. 30 – Caitlin Hughey (women's track and field)
Feb. 6 ­– 4x800 relay team (men's track and field)
Feb. 13 – Ryan Smith (men's track and field)
Feb. 20 ­– 4x800 relay team (women's track and field)
Feb. 27 – Brooke Maes (softball)
March 6 – Ryan Smith (men's track and field) 
March 13 – Braedon Evans (baseball)
March 20 – Michael Walker (baseball)
March 27 – Sandra Rodriguez (softball)
April 3 – Connor Clemens (baseball)
April 10 – Ryan Smith (men's track and field)
April 17 – Clinton Stroble II (baseball)
April 24 – Ryan Smith (men's track and field)
May 1 – Isaiah Friesen (men's track and field)
May 8 – Donnae Lipinski (women's track and field)
May 15 – Preston Carr (baseball)

Special thanks to our student staffs:
Athletic training: Kelsey Fraley, Chelsea Katchmazenski, Molly Zook, Mike Namisnak, Darius Rawlins, Jimmy Ramkissoon
Sports information: Andrew Snyder, Seth Wesman, Meghan Gerke, Andrew Longacher, Lisa Rodriguez, Kevin Phillips, Evan Beck, Kyle Snyder, Courtney Wengerd

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